LOL: Elon Hilariously Humiliates AOC on Twitter

LOL: Elon Hilariously HumiIiates AOC on Twitter. Elon Musk recently proposed an innovative idea to make Twitter profitable and keep people invested in posting on the platform:

Get people to pay about $8 a month for a blue dot that signals an account is real (ie Donald Trump Jr.’s account is an account). actually Don Jr., not just some troll pretending to be him). In announcing the $8 a month idea, Elon said:

Twitter’s current master and peasant system for those with or without the blue tick is bull (((.

Power to the people! Blue for $8 a month.

Price adjusted per country in proportion to purchasing power parity

You’ll also get:
– Priority in replies, mentions and searches, which is necessary to fight spam/fraud
– Ability to post long videos and audio tracks
– Half of many ads

And bypassing the paywall for publishers who want to work with us

This will also give Twitter a revenue stream to reward content creators

This will also give Twitter a revenue stream to reward content creators

The AOC, predictably, used the idea as an excuse to start crying, saying:

Lmao at the billionaire trying to sell people the idea that “freedom of speech” is actually an $8/month subscription plan

Elon responded in a funny and dismissive way, saying, “Your opinions are valued, now pay $8.” lol

M0cking her later, Elon shared a screenshot of a sweater her campaign is selling for $58, enough for 6 months of blue sign:

The AOC was also bitter about this, saying: “I’m proud of it and always will be.” My workers are unionized, earn a living, have full health care and are not subject to racist treatment in their countries of origin. working. Items are made in the USA.”

She then accused Musk of “union busting.”

And, showing just how excited she was, AOC commented on the post and went on to joke about how great she is for selling the nearly $60 hoodies, saying:

Not to mention all proceeds go to community causes like our homework help program, which provides private tutoring for kids who need learning support from COVID: Check out our store!

But then her account conveniently “stopped working,” or so she said: “Also, my Twitter mentions/notifications aren’t working tonight, so I’ve been notified by text that it looks like I’ve gotten under the skin of a certain billionaire.”

Adding to that, she said, “Just a reminder that money will never come out of limbo, folks.” Whatever that means, I’m sure she thought it was a good point.

Elon also posted this funny meme while the argument between him and Pearl was going on:

So Elon got the best of that argument. And in doing so, he showed that Twitter is back and better than ever: now it’s back to being a place where politicians like the AOC can be ridiculously m0cked and humiIiated when they try to move and give a signal or hold their pearls.

Imagine how cool it will be when Elon starts tinkering with the code and getting things back to the way they used to be… it’s going to be epic.






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