Paul McCartney Does Handstand at 80 after Critics Called Him ‘Old & Retired’ — He Beams Alongside Wife of 11 Years

Paul McCartney does a headstand and goes to the gym at 80.
People criticized Paul, saying he was old and retired.

Paul beams with his wife of 11 years, and they live a beautiful life on a farm.

Beatles legend Paul McCartney is 80 years old but shows no signs of stopping. The singer’s career dates back to 1964 when he was the bassist and co-lead vocalist for The Beatles.

Even after the band split, McCartney continued his music career and remained relevant even in his 80th year. One mistake the public made was to assume that his eight decades of life meant he was old and ready for retirement.

But the musician clapped back. During his radio interview with John Wilson, he was asked why he has never released a memoir, and McCartney said, “I’m not old, and I’m not retiring,” insinuating it wasn’t time to put his life story on paper yet.

To prove that age was just a number, McCartney was on tour just two days before his 80th birthday. On June 16, he performed at his “Got Back” concert at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

As an early celebration, the former Beatles member had a special surprise for his fans. He brought out musician and member of the E Street Band, Bruce Springsteen.

When McCartney hinted who his special guest was, fans had already guessed, and Springsteen came out with high energy and said, “Here’s to 80 more years of glory days!”

The crowd went on to sing the “Let it Be” hitmaker a happy birthday, and McCartney made it clear that he knew his birthday was coming up and that he was not ignoring it, but the early celebration was special.

McCartney is not only famous for keeping the rock culture alive but also for his sweet, humble character. He lived in an era of free love where everything was possible, but the musician stayed loyal and committed to his wife, Linda, to whom he was married till her death in 1998.
He is a devoted father to his four children, Mary, Stella, James, and Heather.

The one time McCartney got into trouble was when he was arrested for possessing marijuana in Japan in 1990.

Even when fans confess their fear of approaching him, McCartney does his best to make them feel comfortable and show them that there is a normal person behind his intimidating glasses.
How He Stays Fit at 80

At 80 years old, McCartney has a solid workout routine. He loves to practice Yoga, which he said he learned about on a trip to India.

The singer found a way to exercise his eyes and gave a tutorial on how he does it.

Although he said he is unsure if there is scientific evidence that eye exercises help improve eyesight, McCartney does it because it makes sense.

His usual workout routine consists of a bit of cross-training, cardio, and weight lifting, but he always finishes off with his yoga stretches, and one thing he’s proud to be able to do at his age is a headstand.

The singer said he has no interest in being muscular and showing that off at the gym, but every time he does his headstand, people are often impressed. He even shared his commendable headstand on Twitter and said it helps him stay young.

Besides his extensive fitness regime, McCartney also leads a healthy eating lifestyle. The singer reportedly stopped eating meat back in 1975. His diet is purely vegetarian, and he enjoys it more now because he has found new and delicious ways to make his vegetables.

Back in the day, the singer said being vegetarian had a bad reputation because the food seemed boring and tasteless, but now he has discovered different ways to prepare his food.

McCartney said he is pretty happy with how he stays fit; he does not need to get a personal trainer because he just copies their exercises at home and eats healthy.

Quiet Life on a Farm with Wife of 11 Years
After McCartney lost his wife Linda to breast cancer in 1998, he met his second wife, Heather Mills, in 2000, and they married two years later. However, the marriage ended in a messy divorce in 2008.

The singer was lucky enough to find his forever love with his third wife, Nancy Shevell. They married in 2011, and the wedding was extra special because they tied the knot where McCartney and Linda wed.

The two have been married for 11 years and lead a quiet life in a small village of Sussex where McCartney raised his children. He once shared a picture with his wife to wish his fans a happy Thanksgiving, and people were shocked to see how young the 80-year-old looked next to his wife.

The singer might still have an active music career, but he prefers to live outside the limelight; he also chose a quiet farm life to give his children a normal upbringing.

Even though his kids are famous, he has continued to live on the Sussex farm. The village residents know that they have a former Beatles member as a neighbor, but McCartney still does the daily chores like walking the dogs and maintaining his farm freely.

McCartney grows rye, wheat, peas, and hemp on his estate. He also grows hop, which a local brewer uses to make a drink called ‘The Old Stinkhorn Ale.’ The singer also built a local recording studio on a mill in Icklesham.

McCartney has ensured that his farm has everything he needs. Even during the pandemic, he used it to isolate. But generally, he shows no signs of leaving Sussex.

He enjoys the relationship he has built with the community, and it is a special place where he raised his family.






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