Identical Triplet Sisters Get Married Together in Fabulous Triple Wedding

Getting married is a significant moment in any person’s life. This milestone was made all the more remarkable for these beautiful triplets because they were brides on the same day.
Tagiane Bini, Rocheli Bini, and Rafala Bini shared a womb, and on March 21, 2015, they shared a wedding! Guests experienced more than double vision when the trio walked down the aisle together.

The stars aligned, and the women were engaged at the same time. For more than a year, they knew they also wanted to get married simultaneously. For them, it was a triple blessing.

They Wore the Same Wedding Dress’
The identical sisters tied the knot in Brazil during a spectacular Catholic event. The pews had to be spaced out, and an altar was specially made for their needs.

To the surprise of many, the triplets shared more than just their wedding day. They opted to wear almost the same style of dress. They initially thought their hair and makeup would be different, but they decided to channel the same looks too.

While not everyone would share their big day with a sibling, everyone could agree on one thing: the triplets looked stunning.

Telling Them Apart Was Tricky
The trio looked unbelievably similar as they graced guests with their angelic presence. The only thing that helped loved ones tell them apart was their bouquets. Tagiane’s flowers were red, Rocheli’s blue, and Rafaela’s yellow.

The women, who were 29 at their weddings, were filled with joy. They were honored to have shared the unforgettable memory with their nearest and dearest.

The fabulous wedding was by no means small. There were more than 600 guests, so it was a good thing the sisters divided the wedding planning and work because it was a mammoth task.

The Grooms Knew Their Brides
All eyes were turned to the aisle in the Catedral Nossa Senhora Aparecida as 18 bridesmaids walked ahead of the glowing brides. The familial bond and love made it a one-of-a-kind event.

The grooms looked equally dapper and admitted to mixing up the sisters in the past. Thankfully, there would be no confusion on the day. Tagiane’s husband, Eduardo, knew who his bride was because, according to him, “she was the most beautiful one.”

The Online Response
In the Bini family, it was common for relatives to say “I Do” on the same day. Whether it was to save money or have more to celebrate, it worked for them. Netizens had their opinions about the joint celebration.
Users were stunned by the wedding, and many applauded the family’s closeness.

While not everyone would share their big day with a sibling, everyone could agree on one thing: the triplets looked stunning:
“I think that is so sweet.

They want to share their big day together.”
– (Lisbeth Anderson) March 31, 2017
“You don’t often get this, siblings, much less triplets, getting married on the same day.”
– (VPVPVP) September 11, 2017
“Wow, that must’ve been the sweetest moment of their lives.
And the fact they walked down the aisle together!”
– (I need a pencil) May 7, 2018
“It [would] be so annoying to be part of a triplet, but I’m just so happy for them that they all have the one-time best things in their lives all in one place and time.”

– (Krystal Pichler) June 23, 2018
“I find it amazing that all three sisters were in love at the same time, and all three couples were ready to wed at the same point in their relationship.”

– (StrongnBeautiful) July 21, 2019
“I would never want to get married with my sisters. That day should be a special day just for you alone. You need your own identity sometime in your life. You don’t need to share everything the way they probably did throughout their lives so far.”
– (Sue Post) July 26, 2019

Tagiane, Rocheli, and Rafala had the wedding of their dreams. Looking back on the photos from their special day, they will never forget the magic of having their sisters beside them.

We wish the women and their husbands all the best in the future.

What do you think about getting married on the same day as your sibling?

They chose to wear the same “lucky” garment because it was significant to them.






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