Florida Woman Celebrates 107th Birthday and Shares Secret to Her Long Life

A woman from Florida recently shared her secret to longevity. The centenarian’s advice was inspiring, and her positive attitude was infectious. Her story will put a smile on your face!

Grace LePane turned 107 on December 8, 2022. Wearing gold hoop earrings and pretty necklaces, she happily shared some of her life with the world.

Things weren’t always as sunshiny as they are now. LePane faced the Great Depression and an even more significant loss when her seven-year-old son died. Shortly after that, her husband passed away, so how did this woman keep going for so many years? Her answer was pretty simple.

She Loved Spending Time with Her Family
LePane was well-loved by her family, and they adored spending time with her. The older woman responded comically when asked about her favorite pastimes. She laughed and said:

“What do I like to do? Right now, I don’t like to do anything.”

However, her loved ones disagreed, noting that she was very active. LePane helped her relatives cook, went to the shops, and enjoyed having fun with her grandkids and great-grandchildren. “As long as my family is with me, I’m happy. That’s the most important thing,” LePane added.

The Family Gathered for Her Birthday Celebration
Before moving to Oviedo 41 years ago, LePane spent 66 years in New York. Her family always went on vacation in Oviedo, so it made sense to move there.

For her birthday party, relatives from as far as North Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and New York were flying in to honor her legacy and make precious memories together.

LePane undoubtedly loved her life and couldn’t wait to have a big celebration with her nearest and dearest, expressing: “Happy to have all my family here.”

The question on many people’s minds after encountering LePane was always the same. Everyone wanted to know her secret to living such a long and happy life.

Her Youthful Sense of Humor
LePane might not have found the fountain of youth, but her humor is likely keeping her young. One of her grandkids painted her nails to prepare for her birthday bash.

However, as a former manicurist, the centenarian had high standards. After a loved one complimented her beautiful nails, she responded with humor, saying, “They’re horrible,” before giggling.

The Centenarian’s Simple Secret to Longevity
The question on many people’s minds after encountering LePane was always the same. Everyone wanted to know her secret to living such a long and happy life. She replied:

“Just to stay happy. That’s the most important.”

The words weren’t revolutionary, but they were encouraging because they came from someone who has been around for over ten decades. If LePane’s words are anything to go by, we should practice gratitude, kindness, and joy more often!

The online community was eager to wish LePane a happy birthday. Many hoped she had a wonderful celebration with her family and others thanked her for the sound advice:

“You do not look your age. You could pass as [someone in their] early seventies. God wanted you around. Happy Birthday and many more.”

– (Lillian Alarie Glennon) December 12, 2022

“Peace and blessings Grace LePane for a Happy “107th” Birthday! Remember, we’re NOT old, just bolder, wiser, and more mature! Wow. Women of Wisdom! Celebrate and enjoy your wonderful day! Have fun!”

– (Lynda Ream) December 11, 2022

“My mom turned 100 on Thanksgiving week and she tells people to be happy and smile. There must be truth in that statement to live to be in your hundreds.”

– (Janet Ostrowski Franklin) December 10, 2022

“Happy birthday, [LePane]! You are a wise woman and your family is very blessed to still have you with them! Wishing you continued happiness and good health!”

– (Jeanne Voelkel Finefeuiaki) December 9, 2022

LePane has a beautiful outlook on life, and she will always be content with her supportive family by her side. We wish her a happy birthday and many more years with her precious loved ones.






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