Mom Replicates Son’s Birthmark on Her Face to Help Him Embrace His Uniqueness

To show her love and solidarity with her son, a doting mom replicates her son’s birthmark on her face so that he doesn’t feel different. His reaction when she sees her is priceless

When Carolina Giraldelli gave birth to her son Enzo, she was surprised to see the horrified looks of the doctors who delivered her baby. She wondered if it was just dirt she saw on Enzo’s face until the frightened looks on the hospital staff’s faces remained.

At that moment, she knew that something else was going on. Shortly after, the doctors informed her and her husband that Enzo had “Congenital Melanocytic Nevi,” which causes patches of skin to look darker.

Embracing Her Son’s Uniqueness

Then and there, Carolina embraced her son’s uniqueness. Although they knew that he would face many challenges in the future because of his appearance, they were determined to stand by him and be there for him every step of the way.

True enough, everyone they met would need to adjust to seeing Enzo’s face looking different than other people’s. For Carolina and her husband, however, they decided from the day he was born that they would embrace the condition he was born in and not try to disguise it in any way. To them, Enzo was beautiful the way he was.

Despite this, little Enzo’s mother admitted that it was challenging to see everyone around her son giving him “looks of pity, contempt, fear, and sometimes disgust.” She couldn’t help but notice the wandering eyes of those they meet on the street, and it was often difficult for her to endure.

Making Him Feel Normal

Carolina and her husband never made Enzo feel different, and they treated him normally because that’s exactly what he was: normal. Moreover, Carolina loved Enzo’s birthmark, and she tried her best to show him that he was no different from anybody else.

When she got home and saw Enzo, the reaction on his face was one that Carolina will never forget.

So one day, the mother decided to surprise Enzo and recreate his birthmark on her face. She hired a professional makeup artist to work on her face, and she wore the birthmark the entire day while running errands around town and even to work.

Carolina felt beautiful when the makeup was finished. She had already embraced her son’s birthmark – and loves it even – so she wanted to experience it for herself, even if just for a moment.

Honoring Enzo on Mother’s Day

The proud mom wore the birthmark loud and proud on her face close to Mother’s Day to celebrate the very person that allows her to experience the special day. When she got home and saw Enzo, the reaction on his face was one that Carolina would never forget. Describing the moment, she said:

“When I got home, Enzo’s reaction was complete joy – even though he did not completely understand.”

That day, Enzo and Carolina took as many pictures as possible and had a lot of fun together. When it was time for work, Carolina admitted that many looked at her differently, but she remained calm because she felt nothing but pride for her young son Enzo.

The proud mother kept the makeup on until she went to bed that day, but the feelings she had while having that type of mark on her face stayed with her since—a feeling of overflowing love and pride for her beautiful son Enzo.

We salute moms who would go to the ends of the world for their children!






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