Couple Married for 62 Years and Forced to Live Apart Cries Every Time They See Each Other

A granddaughter watched her grandparents as they wiped tears from their cheeks. She couldn’t stand by as they experienced sadness and pain, so she took a photo and asked people online to help.

Ashley Bartyik looked up to her grandmother and grandfather, admiring their decades-long marriage. They were devoted grandparents who spent a lifetime together, making memories with their family.

Sadly, Wolfram and Anita Gottschalk were forced into an unexpected living situation as they got older. They hadn’t been apart for 62 years, and their hearts broke when they could no longer live together.

In August 2016, Ashley shared her grandparents’ story with the world. She told netizens about their undying love and devotion, hoping someone would assist with their current issue. Alongside a photo of Wolfram and Anita, the granddaughter wrote:

“This is the saddest photo I have ever taken. This is my Omi and my Opi. As you can see, they are both wiping away tears! But why?”

She explained that the photo was taken in Surrey at Yale road in Canada and showcased an honest moment between her grandparents.

Wolfram was in a waiting facility, hoping to be placed in a nursing home that could see to his health issues. His wife stayed in The Residence at Morgan Heights, but Wolfram’s fate was unknown.

Delays and failing administrative systems prevented the couple from being in the same care facility. Wolfram wanted to live in the same place as his wife, but there was no progress for eight months.

It was the longest time the couple had been separated during their 62 years of marriage. It pained them and burdened their family, who tried to bring them together as often as possible.

Ashley’s plea for help with their reunification was urgent, and she told people her grandparents deserved to spend their final years together. She tried following other channels but had no success, so she turned to Facebook.

They Cried Whenever They Met
Whenever they spent time together, the couple cried. Their granddaughter stated: “They generally have a really good time. We bring him snacks. But when it comes time to leave, he wonders why he can’t come with us.”

News from Wolfram’s doctor added to the couple’s distress. He was diagnosed with cancer, and time was limited. Wolfram also had dementia that was getting worse over time.

While he could still remember everything about his beloved wife, the family feared he would start to forget Anita if they continued living separately.

The Grandmother’s Desperate Longing
Ashley’s plea for help with their reunification was urgent, and she told people her grandparents deserved to spend their final years together. She tried following other channels but had no success, so she turned to Facebook.

The granddaughter’s post quickly went viral as users understood that something needed to be done before it was too late. Ashley shared her grandmother’s biggest desire:

“She is just begging anyone that can help her get her husband back. It’s been very, very difficult for our family.”

The Day the Couple Had Been Waiting For
Fraser Health Authority responded to the overwhelming public outcry regarding the couple’s story, and a representative offered some clarity. Tasleem Juma explained that the spouses needed different levels of health care, and placing them was tricky.

Thankfully, the couple got what they desperately wanted one month after Ashley’s post went viral. The granddaughter said:

“Our family joyfully witnessed the reunification of Wolfram and Anita Gottschalk. Wolfram has finally been moved to the same facility as Anita at the residence at Morgan Heights. The reunion saw tears of joy for all involved.”

Ashley thanked the media and Fraser Health for making the reunification possible. She hoped their story would bring attention to other elderly couples wishing to live with their loved ones during their golden years. Ashley and her family vowed to be advocates for the cause.

The granddaughter shared a tear-jerking video of Anita embracing Wolfram for the first time, knowing she wouldn’t have to say goodbye again. She took her husband’s face in her hands, and they both cried tears of relief and abundant happiness.

They held hands, kissed, and smiled as they looked into each other’s eyes. It was a touching moment and something they truly deserved. Well done to Ashley for fighting for her precious grandparents.






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