Vin Diesel Is a Proud Dad and as Serious about Family as His ‘Fast and the Furious’ Character

Actor Vin Diesel may be an action star and a tough guy on screen, but in real life, he is a devoted family man with his father as his greatest inspiration.

In “Fast & Furious 7,” Vin Diesel spoke one of his most iconic lines: “I don’t have friends, I got family.” The line speaks to Dom Toretto’s character but mirrors Diesel’s devotion to his family.

The actor, who has three children with his life partner Paloma Jiménez, also has a brother, a sister, and an elderly father he adores. To Vin Diesel, family is about love, and love is everything.

Vin Diesel’s real name is Mark Sinclair, born on July 18, 1967, in California. Diesel wanted to be an actor, but he struggled to get roles, so he decided to write and make a short film, “Multi-Facial,” which was shot in three days and cost $3000.

The film showed at the Cannes Film Festival and caught the eye of Steven Spielberg, who gave his first role in “Saving Private Ryan.” Diesel’s career then took off, and he is currently one of the highest-grossing actors in the world, but his fame and fortune haven’t changed his love and dedication to his family.

Vin Diesel’s Love of Family Is Not Limited to Memes
The “Fast & Furious” franchise has made Diesel a superstar and pushed the boundaries of the family concept. Family isn’t just the people you are born to; it’s the people who love and support you. In the franchise, family is mentioned 33 times and has been celebrated in memes.

In Diesel’s case, fiction follows fact. He isn’t just devoted to his own family; he has cared for his sadly deceased “Fast & Furious” costar Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow, since 2013.

When Diesel went to college, he would be shocked to discover that things taken for granted in the community, like interracial marriages and homosexual relationships were still taboo in the wider world.

The actor has been very vocal in his devotion to his family and often talks about them in interviews. He also posts loving shoutouts in his social media posts to his mom and dad, his partner, his children, and his siblings.

Vin Diesel Is Not Married to the Mother of His Children
Diesel’s fans have spotted the beautiful woman by his side for the last 15 years: Paloma Jimenez. The couple has kept the details of their romance low-key, but it is known that they started dating in 2007.

The Mexican-born actress and model stay out of the limelight, and her social media accounts are private, but that doesn’t stop Diesel from raving about his lady. He said:

“She’s so stunningly beautiful, but the thing people don’t realize is she’s my rock, so she’s so stunningly beautiful on the inside. She’s just so wonderful in so many ways.”

Jimenez and Diesel share three children. They welcomed their first child, daughter Hania Riley Diesel in April 2008, son Vincent Sinclair in 2010, and their second daughter Pauline in 2015. Pauline was named after Diesel’s best friend, Paul Walker. The actor revealed that his children frequently reduce him to tears. He said:

“My kids move me to tears all the time. My daughter Similce said to me a couple of weeks ago, ‘Daddy, I know what song should [be played] at every funeral.’ I said, ‘What is it?’ And she said, ‘See You Again.’”

Similce Diesel is Hania’s screen name, and she has already started working with her dad on the “Fast & Furious” franchise. Her younger siblings may well be set to follow dad, grandad, and their big sister into show business.

Pauline has already had a hand in writing some lines in a “Fast & Furious” script. The actor revealed that when Dom’s daughter says, “Daddy do you know where God is?” and points to his heart, this was something Pauline had said to him in real life.

Vin Diesel Grew up in a Creative Environment
Diesel’s mother, Delora Sherleen Vincent, is an astrologer, and his stepfather, Irving Vincent, is a theater director and acting instructor. The couple raised their family in an artist’s commune in the heart of New York City’s West Village. Their neighbors were artists, musicians, and actors — a wonderful, creative environment for children.

Years later, when Diesel went to college, he would be shocked to discover that things taken for granted in the community, like interracial marriages and homosexual relationships, were still taboo in the wider world.

The actor has admitted that his greatest inspiration has always been the man he calls his dad. He never met his biological father, and he is devoted to Vincent. He shared a sweet tribute on Instagram, saying:

“Happy 88th birthday to my first inspiration… my dad. All love, Always.”

Vin Diesel Has a Twin Brother
Diesel has a twin brother, Paul Vincent, who looks nothing like the star. Paul is Diesel’s fraternal twin, and the two are very close. Little is known about Paul, but he did help his twin with his first movie, “Multi-Facial.” Diesel posted a birthday message to Paul:

“Happy Birthday to my original twin brother Paul! I have watched you grow into such a wonderful dad and family man. You have made me proud every step of the way. We love you!”

Paul and Diesel have a younger half-sister, Samantha Vincent, and she is a successful producer. She has worked with her brother on “Riddick,” “xXx: Return of Xander Cage,” “Fast & Furious,” “Fast 5,” and “Furious 7.”

Samantha is an adoring sister to Paul and Diesel and a doting mom to her daughter, who travels with her everywhere. The devotion to family is something the siblings share.






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