Single Mom Carries Disabled Son on Her Back Traveling the World to Give Him Best Life She Can

A mother’s love for her child is unconditional and never-ending, defying all logic and rationality. The same was true for a single mom who set out to fulfill her promise to her baby boy years ago.

Niki Antram lives with her son, Jimmy Antram, in Sunshine Coast, a peri-urban region in southeast Queensland, Australia. The story of this mother-son duo is unusual and heartwarming, depicting a single parent’s undying and unwavering commitment to her child.

As humans, having a growing sense of adventure and craving exciting experiences doesn’t sound unlikely; but in the case of the Antrams, it became the one thing that strengthened their connection and gave their lives a whole new meaning.

Embracing Motherhood as a Teenager
Niki was barely 17 when she welcomed Jimmy into her heart and home. It was only a matter of time before she realized that her sweet boy had mental and physical disabilities and required intensive care and support around the clock.

Jimmy can even travel short distances on foot thanks to his mother’s support and assistance.
When Jimmy turned two months old, Niki discovered he was blind. As a first-time parent and a teenager who knew little to nothing about motherhood, she wasn’t fully aware of the magnitude of the situation and how it would impact her and Jimmy’s life in the longer run.

A Lovely Promise
Nearly six months later, the Queensland woman discovered her beloved boy had epilepsy. But despite everything, she vowed not to give up in the face of difficulties and made a promise to herself and her son.

It was a promise she intended to keep, no matter what came her way. Not wanting her boy to miss out on anything, she promised to give him the best life she possibly could—a life filled with fun, adventures, and new experiences

Their Many Adventures
Together, Niki and Jimmy have been to mesmerizing spots such as Bali and Hawaii and had plans to embark on a trip to Canada when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, resulting in travel restrictions. Until the international borders open again, Niki said she planned to explore Australia with Jimmy as her travel partner.

Carrying her son on her back, Niki has been globe-trotting for several years, sometimes walking through the wilderness and other times hiking through the mountains. The Sunshine Coast family has a collection of photos and videos that perfectly encapsulate their unique travel diaries.

Seeing the World through His Mom’s Eyes
Although Jimmy has a wheelchair he can use while accompanying his mom on their many adventures, Niki says she doesn’t like using it. She adds that she will keep carrying her boy until she is strong enough to support his weight. Jimmy can even travel short distances on foot thanks to his mother’s support and assistance.

Over time, Niki has mastered the art of piggybacking her son and pulling her luggage through the airport simultaneously until the staff provides them with a wheelchair so they can quickly board the flight.

Planning Their Trips
Before they can make the most of their time together, Niki plans everything thoroughly, including an itinerary and schedule for their journey. The dedicated mom also ensures she has abundant clothes, diapers, pillow covers, and bed sheets for long trips.

While they are generally well received and warmly welcomed wherever they go, Niki also gives a heads-up to resorts, eateries, and hotels so they can make necessary arrangements to facilitate their stay, given Jimmy’s condition.

Travel Buddies for Life
Looking back on their most memorable journey, the Queensland resident noted that she would never forget their time in Hawaii because everybody wanted Jimmy to join them and explore the place.

Niki and Jimmy make the best travel buddies because they share similar interests and preferences. According to Niki, her son is always in his element when he’s near the water or about to start a new adventure.

Recounting their time in Bali and Hawaii, the single mom shared that she and Jimmy loved to party and spent nights out soaking in the fresh air. She expressed:

“I will with Jimmy find ways to get him the best and most adventurous life, and most of the time, it’s the simplest things that he loves the most.”

Managing Life as a Single Mother
When they’re not traveling too far, the Antrams enjoy taking bike rides together—an adventure that has earned them the companionship, love, and respect of many people. Niki says she has a tight schedule, from ensuring Jimmy is taken care of to managing the housework and slipping some time for her workout sessions.

Despite a challenging routine that can sometimes overwhelm her, Ms. Antram admits she is happy and won’t have things any other way. Niki plans to purchase a troop carrier for Jimmy to help them explore their home country; however, she’s struggling financially and will need time to save enough money.

Her Inspiration
When she’s working, some carers look after Jimmy and ensure he’s well taken care of. Niki confesses that she often questions how she can feel sad after looking at her son, who has never known colors or seen clouds or rainbows and still finds a reason to smile.

The doting mom says that her beloved boy inspires her to be a better person with his big bright smile. “He doesn’t see me in a conventional way, but I’m sure he has a vision of what I look like in his mind,” she adds.






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