Officer bids farewell to his partner and pet, K9 dog Axel.

Officer bids farewell to his partner and pet, K9 dog Axel. These canines become cherished members of any police force, yet their most vital link is with their handlers.

K9 canines are a vital element of the police service and do an excellent job protecting individuals and maintaining their communities safe, putting their lives on the line in the same way that their human counterparts do. They are not only companions on the job, protecting each other in the line of duty, but they are also buddies off the work: most handlers maintain their dogs as pets.

That was the situation for Central Falls Police Officer Decristofor and his K9 companion Akel. Unfortunately, a police dog recently passed away… The sad video illustrates how much the loss of a police officer meant to him.

Axel passed away this month, just a few years after resigning from the police department. He lived with his ex-girlfriend, who adopted him.

Friends of Central Fall Animals, a local animal charity, paid tribute to the dog, hailing him as an excellent police officer.

Axel was all business on the road, according to the post. He did a fantastic job of making the streets safe and always made sure the officers were protected no matter the difficult scenario.

The piece also talks about Axel’s friendship with officer Dechristofor.

He would not hesitate to lay down his life to save the life of a fellow police officer, especially his partner, the post said. These two were instant besties who always had each other’s backs.

“I can’t find the right words to describe the love Officer Decristoforo had for Axel, but I know he is heartbroken right now over the loss of his other half,” Central Falls Animal Friends said.

It is clear that the two cops adored each other and their bond is unbreakable.

The relationship between a police K9 and her partner can never be broken, not even by deɑth, the post said. K9 Axel may no longer be physically around Officer Decristofor, but he will always be watching over him and in his own way making sure he finishes his shift safely, just like he did when they were together keeping the streets safe !

Axel, rest in peace. We know you will be fondly remembered by your partner and all the police officers you worked with. Your shift is complete.






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